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Our Philosophy

Anyone experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction deserves one on one, attentive, personalized, holistic care. Evaluations and treatments are an ongoing, collaborative process involving you, the client, and the Doctor of Physical Therapy in order to tailor interventions towards YOUR goals. 

At calm pelvic health, we incorporate evidence based interventions and intuitive care that integrate pelvic function within the WHOLE body. 


"...the passion she has for her patients is so apparent in everything she does. She really cares about the person as a whole and spends quality time with them getting to know everything about them and how she can best treat them holistically."

Meet the Team

Dr. Allison Beaulieu PT, DPT
Founder, Physical Therapist


Dr. Allie discovered her passion for women’s healthcare following the births of her two daughters. She quickly encountered the limitations in knowledge and lack of resources for women experiencing pelvic floor symptoms during pregnancy and postpartum. Although her initial interest was sparked through childbirth, she didn’t have to look far to discover similar trends in other pelvic health related fields. Chronic pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, vaginismus, bowel/bladder dysfunction, the list goes on. During her own search for care, many of her concerns were brushed off as “normal”, “just part of having kids” and to “just relax”. These phrases are commonplace for women experiencing these symptoms, but Dr. Allie wants to change this narrative.


Pelvic floor dysfunction, including pain, bladder/bowel dysfunction and sexual dysfunction are NOT normal, but they ARE treatable. Dr. Allie has been on the patient and clinician side of pelvic floor dysfunction. This experience informs her practice and gives her a unique perspective to the patient journey for answers, hope and the goal to not only live symptom free, but to thrive. 

Dr. Allie began her path to be a physical therapist with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Georgia. She went on to graduate with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Georgia State University. To better serve her clients, she has completed extensive, specialized coursework to assess and treat pelvic floor dysfunction. Dr. Allie loves to learn and continues to seek every opportunity to grow as a clinician through additional coursework, mentorship, evidence-based research, books and even podcasts! Her special interests include pregnancy and postpartum care, breastfeeding support, chronic pelvic pain and dyspareunia. 

Dr. Allie, former athlete and band geek, was born and raised in a suburb north of Atlanta, Georgia in Gwinnett County. Following her studies, she has returned to Gwinnett to serve the women in her community. She is joined by her husband Nathan, a fellow physical therapist and avid disc golfer and two young daughters, Penelope and Sophia. They love exploring new parks, playing, singing and dancing to music and enjoying life as a family. 

Rebecca Murphy
Patient Care Coordinator

Becca Website 2.jpg

Creating the best experience in the metro Atlanta and Gwinnett County area is my absolute pleasure and priority! Here at Calm Pelvic Health, we like to make our clients feel comfortable, understood, and cared for. My duties within the clinic include maintaining organization, overseeing the new patient process, and making sure that our clients are satisfied. I plan to use my extensive background in sales, marketing and management to elevate the patient experience at Calm Pelvic Health as our clients work through their plan of care with Dr. Allie! 


In my personal time, I enjoy activities such as hiking, traveling, and reading! One of my short-term goals would be to visit Europe and relocate closer to the metro Atlanta area. Serving people is my passion and I cannot wait to assist you in your pelvic health physical therapy journey. 

Thank you for checking out our website and learning more about what Calm Pelvic Health has to offer. Contact us to get scheduled for your initial evaluation and start your journey to finding pelvic peace!

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